County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

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Assistance for Homeless Veterans

Does V have programs that can assist homeless veterans

V has many benefits and services to assist homeless veterans.  Disability benefits, education, health care, rehabilitation services, residential care, and compensated work therapy are among the services we offer to eligible veterans.


What kind of V services and benefit programs are available to homeless veterans

Health Care for Homeless Veterans Programs (HCHV) – operates at 76 sites, where extensive outreach, physical and psychiatric health exams, supported housing programs, Drop-In-Centers, compensated work therapy, treatment, referrals, and ongoing case management are provided to homeless veterans with mental health problems, including substance abuse.

Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans Program (DCHV) – provides medical care and rehabilitation in a residential setting on V medical center grounds to eligible ambulatory veterans disabled by medical or psychiatric disorders, injury or age and who do not need hospitalization or nursing home care.

inpatient  & outpatient health care -- V medical centers provide inpatient treatment to thousands of homeless veterans each year.  Hospitals and outpatient clinics provide eligible veterans with comprehensive physical and mental health care, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation treatment, and other specialized services.

readjustment counseling centers -- These centers, also called Vet Centers, help veterans through community outreach.  They offer specialized services, such as group, individual and family counseling, to help eligible veterans overcome psychological difficulties or to resolve conflicts that may be contributing to their homelessness.  They also provide referral services, connecting veterans to V programs and community services.

outreach -- The staff from V regional offices, medical centers, vet centers, and special homeless programs regularly visit community shelters, agencies, and the streets to help thousands of homeless veterans each year.

benefits and entitlements -- V annually awards more than $17 billion in disability benefits to millions of veterans.  In many instances, these payments are the major source of income to veterans and serve to prevent homelessness.  V's Fiduciary Program provides specialized case management to over 67,000 veterans, many of whom might be homeless without the services it provides.

acquired property sales for homeless providers Program --makes available properties V  obtains through foreclosures on V-insured mortgages for sale to homeless provider organizations at a discount of 20 to 50 percent.  Some of these properties are available for lease.

To apply for or obtain more information about benefits, contact your local CVSO.

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