County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (RH)

What is Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (RH)

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance is life insurance for veterans with service-related disabilities.  The basic program, which is called "RH Insurance", insures eligible veterans up to $10,000.  supplemental policy, called "Supplemental RH Insurance", gives certain disabled veterans extra coverage of up to $20,000.

Who is Eligible

You are eligible for RH Insurance if:

  •    You left service after pril 24, 1951  ND
  •    V has notified you that you have a service-related disability  ND
  •    You are healthy except for your service-related disability  ND
  •    You apply within 2 years of being notified of your disability.

Note:   If the veteran is mentally incompetent, call the toll-free number below for information about eligibility and time limits.


You are eligible for Supplemental RH Insurance if:

  •    You have RH Insurance  ND
  •    V has notified you that you don't have to pay your insurance premiums (which is called a waiver)  ND
  •    You apply within 1 year of being notified of the waiver  ND
  •    You are under 65 years of age.

Note:  In some cases, veterans over age 65 can apply.  Call the toll-free number below for details.

  REMINDER:  Waiver of RH Premiums - you may be eligible for a waiver if you become too disabled to work before your 65th birthday and stay that way for at least 6 consecutive months.  (Premiums for Supplemental RH Insurance can't be waived.)  Call the toll-free number below for information.


How Much Does It Cost

The cost varies depending upon your age, type of plan you select (term or one of several permanent plans), and the amount of coverage.


How Can I pply

You may use the following forms to apply:


            V Form 29-4364       -- to apply for basic RH Insurance

            V Form 29-0188       -- to apply for Supplemental RH Insurance

            V Form 29-357         -- to apply for a waiver of your RH Insurance premiums


To apply for or obtain more information about benefits, contact your local CVSO.

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