County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

Retraining Grants

Recently unemployed or underemployed veterans may receive up to $3,000 per year if they have a financial need while being retrained for employment. The amount of the grant is determined by the applicant's financial need.

WDV must receive the grant application within one year after the applicant was involuntarily laid off or dismissed (not due to the applicant's willful misconduct). The applicant must have been employed for at least six consecutive months with the same employer or in the same or similar occupations, and at least one day of that employment must have been within that year.

The applicant must be engaged in a structured on-the-job training program or be currently enrolled in a technical education program that will be completed within two years of the date the application is received at WDV. The training must reasonably be expected to lead to gainful employment. Course work toward a college degree does not qualify as retraining.

n applicant may receive a second retraining grant no sooner than one year after the first was issued. However, no applicant may receive more than two Retraining Grants. The applicant may not receive a Retraining Grant and another WDV education grant for the same period of time.

To apply for or obtain more information about benefits, contact your local CVSO.

Updated: February 22, 2015 — 12:14 am
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