County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

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Medical Home Improvement

s we get older many of us have difficulty getting around in our own homes. Veterans who have difficulty because of a severe service-connected disability may receive a grant from the US Department of Veterans ffairs (V) to make life a little easier. For these veterans the V offers the Specially dapted Housing Benefit for home construction or remodeling.

The V Medical Centers (VMCs) can assist both service connected and non-service connected veterans who have difficulty getting out of or around their own home. The VMC may provide up to $1,200 to non-service connected veterans and $4,100 to those who are service connected. Each VMC has a fund called the Home Improvement and Structural lterations Program (HIS) to provide this assistance. The improvements or structural alterations must be medically necessary for effective and economical treatment of the veteran.

llowable projects include construction of a permanent wheelchair ramp or lift; widening doorways for wheelchair access; installation of a wheelchair accessible shower; lowering of kitchen or bathroom counters to permit wheelchair access. Improvements to driveways and entrance paths may also be considered.

lthough the VMC does not do the actual improvement or alteration, they will visit the home to determine feasibility, assist in developing drawings and specifications, review proposals and bids, and do a final inspection once the work is done. The VMC assumes no responsibility for maintenance, repair or replacement of any improvement or alteration.

The veteran’s primary VMC staff physician must initiate all requests for HIS funds. uthorization for approved work will be issued only after the veteran specifically requeststhe HIS work. Reimbursement for cost of home improvements or alterations will not be made for work done prior to VMC authorizing a HIS grant.

For more information regarding medical care contact your local County Veterans Service Officer.

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