County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin

A Motion by Board of Veteans Affairs and Department of Veternas Affairs

It shall be he policy of the Board of Veterans ffairs and the Department of Veterans ffairs, pursuant to Section 45.08(5)(e), Wis. Stats, that the Wisconsin County Veterans Service Officers perform their duties separately and distinctly from the county ging and Disability Resource Center (DRC) for reasons including, but not limited to, those state in the CVSO ssociation of Wisconsin's (CVSO ssociation) pril 2007 "Position Paper Regarding DRC Concept and CVSO Involvement", a copy of which is attached (SEE BELOW), incorporated by reference and endorsed in principle by the Board of Veterans ffairs. It shall also be the position of the Board of Veterans ffairs and the Department of Veterans ffairs, that the duties of the CVSO staff must be performed separately and distinctly from those of DRCs. The board of Veterans ffairs also concurs with the CVSO ssociation's position that, where necessary, individual county CVSO offices and the counties' DRCs should formalize terms of their cooperative relationships in written Memoranda of Understanding.

For information on any veteran benefit, contact your County Veterans Service Officer whose phone number is in the blue or white pages of your phone directory or available on the website: www.wicvso.org.

Updated: December 30, 2014 — 11:07 pm
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